Presidio – A Smart Choice for Pre-K through 12th Grade

You’ve probably heard about Presidio’s great reputation as an A-rated school. You know from experience that Presidio offers elementary students a safe, structured, exciting and stimulating learning environment, with awesome teachers. But that’s only part of the story! We’re just getting started at the elementary level. Our middle and high school level programs offer educational programs in an environment not found anywhere else. Opportunities like Sports Conditioning, Wright Flight and Voyager in which students learn about aviation and can even pilot aircraft, Sea Camp in which they study the marine environment first hand, and Advanced Placement courses in seven different areas. Our 2015 graduating class earned over $500,000 in college scholarships, and every one of our graduates continued on to higher education. Our middle and high school teachers are are an extremely talented and dedicated to student development and learning. In addition, we are building our sports program at Presidio. As a start, we are forming a middle school girls volleyball team and an after school running club, and we will be adding new teams in the future. Most important is the community feeling at Presidio. We really are a family, and our multi-age campus coupled with our Character Counts philosophy allows that family feeling to thrive!

Research has shown that changing schools can disrupt a student’s educational career and learning. Some parents feel they have no choice but to move schools at different levels, due to quality concerns. But ours is a school where families can have the assurance that quality is consistent throughout the grade levels. Our vision is to provide a 14-year uninterrupted continuum of college preparatory education, and to send our graduates to the best universities and to perform at the highest levels. Presidio School – it’s not just about early grades!