History & Humanities Festival

History and Humanities Fall Festival

Presidio School’s second annual History and Humanities Festival is scheduled for Friday, November 1, 2019.  The History and Humanities Festival activities will celebrate history and reading, as well as music and art.

  • Start and end times for Festival Day will be at 8:00 AM and continue to normal pick up times. 

    • Festival will end before pick up times to ensure students can come back to their homeroom/ classroom teacher to pick up any belongings before leaving for the day.

    • After Care will not be provided on Festival Day.

    • Campus closes at 3:30 PM.

  • Festival end times vary depending on grade level: 

    • Kindergarten-3rd grade 

      • Start time: 8:20 AM

      • End time: 2:00 PM

    • 4th and 5th grade 

      • Start time: 8:20 AM

      • End time: 2:50 PM

    • Middle School 

      • Start time: 8:20 AM

      • End time: 3:20 PM

    • High School 

      • Start time: 8:20 AM

      • End time: 3:20 PM (unless otherwise specified by Ms. Baker)  

      • Students will run festival activities and/or participate as tutor aides with grades K-8. 

      • This is a mandatory day for High School students, and if they have an unexcused absence on this day they will need to make up the missed hours  on the following week after school.

  • Costume Parade/Information:

    • The all-school costume parade will be held from 9:50-10:10 AM.

    • Costume must represent a time in history, or a character from a book. 

      • For safety purposes, Presidio Staff must be able to identify students.  Costumes may not include masks, face coverings, and/or weapons of any kind.

    • It is not necessary to wear a costume for the festival. However, any costumes need to be either about a book or from a time in history.

      • Students who opt not to wear a costume must wear their school uniform.

    • All costumes need to be something that the children can wear throughout a busy and active day. 



Possible Costume Options/Suggestions

Here are some ideas for costumes, just to get the creativity going: 

  • Period characters-poodle skirts, with a tucked-in blouse, ponytail or puffy hair with bow, jeans, sneakers, white T shirts tucked in, slicked-back hair, flapper dress, zoot suits, etc.

  • Royalty-a dress and a crown for queens, big long-sleeved shirt, belted at the waist, with pants and a crown for kings

  • Rodeo folks-jeans, buttoned shirt, bandanas, hats are nice

  • Book characters-Look at the illustrations of a favorite book. Notice what makes that character recognizable. For example, The Cat in the Hat needs that black body and tall red and white striped hat. 

  • Historical figures-Search for specific representations of historical figures. For example, Harriet Tubman’s long dress and a head kerchief, George Washington wore knee breeches and a white ponytail. Sally Ride in her white jumpsuit with a NASA logo.