Our highly qualified instructors provide individualized instruction and encourage students to set and meet personal academic achievement goals. Presidio recruits only the most-highly qualified teachers and professionals that bring with them years of experience in education and industry into the classroom. 100% of Presidio teachers meet federal requirements for designation as a “Highly Qualified Teacher.”

PreK – 12 Faculty

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Office Personnel

Terry Garza
Thomas Drexel
Dr. Mark Saliba
Joe Roos
Office Manager
Amanda Wolfe
Megan McDonald-Tukey
School Services Coordinator
Rick Taylor
Sub Coordinator
Phil Peffers
IT Coordinator
Erin Foudy
Social Media & Student Information Manager
Joyce McQueen
1695 Office Staff
Shannon Post
1695 Office Staff
Lacy Erickson
1615 Office Staff
Melissa Woods
1615 Office Staff



Margaux Marsh


Bonnie Koch
Blue Catepillars
Jessica Eisberg
Red Catepillars

1st Grade

Kim Petrikowski
Zebra Butterflies

2nd Grade

Maria Morones
Sherry Hartley
Tree Frogs

3rd Grade

Amy Nelson
Lisa Oresman
Phelan Mahony
Kit Foxes

4th Grade

Lisa Levine
AZ Rangers
Sabrina Smith
AZ Explorers

5th Grade

Michael Schaefer
Sam Gaver

Middle School

Brian Tukey
Social Studies Teacher - Chargers, Colts, Diamondbacks, Dolphins, & Falcons
Christy Voelkel
Science / ELA Teacher - Eagles & Falcons
Gary Opper
ELA Teacher - Diamondbacks, Dolphins & Eagles
Lauren Cmiel
Science Teacher - Chargers, Colts, Diamondbacks, & Dolphins
Melody Simmons
Math Teacher - Colts, Diamondbacks, & Dolphins
Theresa Leal-Holmes
ELA Teacher - Chargers, Colts, & Falcons
Virginia Richied
Math Teacher - Chargers, Eagles, & Falcons

High School

Chelsea Barberi
Science Teacher
Kendra Baker
Math Teacher
Ryan Lang
ELA Teacher
Shelley Moreno
Social Studies Teacher


Bobbette Gilliland
Art Teacher
David Vick
Capoeira Teacher
Jorge Farias
Sport Conditioning & Tumbling Teacher
Kathi Barber
Math Interventionist & TAG Coordinator
Mike Sadler
Music Teacher
Rossella Tapia
Spanish Teacher
Sam Mason
Study Hall Teacher
Tanya Cuthbertson
Health Teacher


Jessica Puls
Transition Service Coordinator / Director of Exceptional Students Services / CCCR Teacher (H.S. & 8th Grade)
Ryan Shoemaker
Speech Language Pathologist
Linda McCurdy
ESS Teaching Assistant

Teacher’s Aide/Campus Monitor

Alie Castillo
Teacher's Aide
Cameron Rau
Teacher's Aide
Katie Virgin
Campus Monitor